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More frequent bonuses and promotions, but fewer free spins:

New online casinos launched in 2017 will have to offer better and better bonuses to attract new players. Probably, it becomes increasingly more common to offer welcome bonuses, but probably fewer sites that give out free spins at registration. But the biggest change is more frequent bonuses, such as a special bonus every Monday or free spins every Wednesday.

More and more bonuses and promotions will go for a short period of time, so it is important to act quickly to get your bonus. We also believe that different types of races with travel and other attractive prizes will become more common in 2017 than in previous years. Finally, probably the size of bonuses; cash back and re-load offer increase, perhaps with higher sales requirements for some foreign players and more turnover-free bonuses include smart new casinos launched in 2017.

More Casinos will offer betting:

The industry is becoming increasingly broader, and it will be natural for many to also have different types of sports betting on their sites. Some might drop this in a discreet manner, whereas other sites make a big deal out of it. There will at least be more players who allow players to choose between playing slots one moment, and bet on football or hockey the next minute –  all from the same very same platform.

Virtual Reality in Casinos:

Technological developments have also affected the online casino industry. The introduction of VR (virtual reality or “virtual reality”) is something that will also reach more and more casinos online in 2017. But it will really be a make or break-it situation if the virtual glasses can be distributed in an easy way or not. This is still a big question mark in that regard. Perhaps, more and more do like Slots Million, the market’s first virtual reality casino for real money, and where free VR glasses are handed out to all who deposit at least 100 Euro or more. At the beginning of 2017, only about 40 popular games were available in 3D, but at the end of the year, it is probably much more possible to play. The experience will be more realistic and it will be difficult to distinguish between real life and VR. Why not give it a try! The history of casino is kind of interesting. From the very old slot machines to the new virtual reality slots. If you want to read more about casino history you can check out http://casinohistory.uk/ to find more information. For people interesting in gambling there are so many things to learn.

No Deposit Bonus

A bonus without a deposit, a so-called “no deposit bonus” or bonus without a deposit, is a casino bonus that you can access without having to make your own deposit with your hard earned money on your game account. These bonuses have become more common all around the world, sometimes instead of traditional welcome bonuses but often in combination with this kind of bonus. Check out https://best-casinobonus.uk/ for the top no deposit offers. Here we explain some bits of how these bonuses work, and what other free promotions you can find.

“Try it out”- Bonus

The idea is just like with other bonuses, and that is to give new players the chance to try how it feels to play for money at a new casino. There are different kinds of no deposit bonuses and you will find many examples.

One variant is that you get a significantly smaller amount to play for, usually up to a few hundredfolds. You get instant access to the bonus, but do not have the same stress to use it. The hook here is that if you win, you have to convert the winnings a certain number of times to be able to withdraw the winnings. Another variant is that you get to know Free Spins without a claim on deposit.

Time-limited Bonus

This type of bonuses without deposit is quite unusual, but it means you get a very high amount to play for after you registered your account.

The hook here though is that you only have a very short time to play with your new bonus, usually an hour. After the time has elapsed; the bonus amount will be removed from your account. Another chin is that you are not allowed to win more than up to a certain limit.

Is it really free money?

Common sense tells us that there are no free casino-games, and honestly it also this also applies here. The difference between a regular welcome bonus and a no deposit bonus is not really that big – in this case.

With a regular bonus, you must make a deposit to gain access to the bonus, while with a bonus without a deposit, you will not have to deposit any money until afterwards – in order to withdraw any winnings. So the points are the same as with welcome bonuses – you get more play time simply. As with welcome bonuses, it is important that you read the terms of the bonus sales requirements that are required before you endorse.